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Toenail Fungus Treatment - Testimonials

Our toenail and nail fungus treatment has been on the market in the United Kingdom for over five years and we have helped thousands of people like yourself rid themselves of this stubborn infection. Many write to us telling of there remarkable recovery, however most donít want to tell the world that they had the problem. A few on the other hand are happy to let us print their experience, below are some of them.

Just writing to thank you folks at Waldon. I have had toenail fungus 15years. But not know more your cream works so great. My toenails are back to normal and IM all smiles!!! I will tell some friends who I know that have the same problem about your cream. Keep up the great work there's a lot of us out there who need you.

K. Owens

I wanted to let you know that I have never been able to achieve the success that I have with other medications that I have with your product. I have been to many dermatologists only to say that your condition is really not diagnostic after many tests. I have suffered the embarrassment of small thick toenails and disfigured fingernails, as I feel the problem has spread to all my nails. I have seen a marked improvement with my toenails after using your product, thanks for the help you have given many sufferers of "sandal anxiety." I look forward to a great summer!

Thanks again--what is so different that I cannot get from conventional physicians?

Sharon D


I wanted to let you know how AMAZING you product is. I always knew I wasn't going to use a medication that could harm my liver, so I started looking on the internet and came across your product. My toenails started clearing up immediately and after 3 weeks are completely clear. I also tried your cream on my fingernails and they are coming in stronger than before. Thank you.

Gayna Chandler

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Not only am I pleased to say your treatment has killed my nail fungus but my two infected fingernails grew back much quicker than I expected. They were a little soft and thin at the beginning but I was pleased to have fingernails once again after they had dropped off with the severe infection I got.

May Marriott


Not a great topic BUT unfortunately, I found myself in need of something. I have acrylic nails and flinch at the sound of fungus....but it happens. I learned. But no panic, this "stuff" really works if applied correctly. I would promote this "stuff" in a heartbeat. Nail fungus is very very hard to get rid of. It can be a nightmare, no kidding, I've heard stories. But anyhow, I had jammed my finger in a door which upsets the acrylic nail and allows air for infection. I used this "stuff" religiously and I had no more problems. Again, it's a miracle product but you have to be dedicated to a daily regiment! A week of a daily regiment is nothing compared to a serious nail infection. I just want you to know that every woman with acrylic nails (or maybe even athlete's foot") needs to know that this is worth every penny. I purchased both the "Accelerator" and the "Toenail & Nail Fungal Treatment,/a>, I used both and used "Finger Protectors" at night (which are like little, you know, condoms) and it really cleared my problem. A nail fungus is very very difficult to get rid of. This "stuff" really really works with a diligent effort on your part. It is worth every penny

Good Stuff

A real "Testimonial"

I want to pass your product name on to EVERY nail technician I know.

IT REALLY WORKS, with dedication.





I have suffered from toenail fungus on and off for several years but I didnít realize that my itchy feet were from athletes foot which is also fungal infection. I would lie in bed at night and a toe would start to itch, then my foot would itch and I wouldnít be able to stop scratching it. Once I started to use your product for my toenails I noticed my toe stopped itching at night. I then applied the cream to my foot. The foot fungus cleared up before the toenail fungus did but I cant tell you how happy I am to get into bed and not have that awful itchiness as soon as I warm up.

Arthur Smith